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Actor & Corporate Headshots

How I do headshots

I want to help you succeed as an actor in Atlanta. I want to empower you with the tools to market yourself effectively in the crowded Atlanta acting and entertainment industry. When you're up against hundreds of other actors for the one role that was made for you, confidently hand the casting director a headshot that makes you look your best!

My headshot sessions start at $350 for up to one hour on location and one or two marketing looks. Unlimited exposures will be edited down to 20-30 images and made available online within 24 hours. Just select your favorite 5, and I'll have them ready for you within a few days. Your edited photos will be delivered digitally, sized for both print and online use.

For new actors and models who need a comp card, I offer a 4-hour photoshoot that will include 4 or 5 looks and professionally formatted. The 4 hours can be split into two different days. This is everything you need for your first comp card. Contact me for details.

Ready to get started? All you need to do is choose what style headshot you want, then contact me to book a session. I work in two different styles for my headshots -- read about them below.

About my headshot packages

Most of my clients prefer the Audrey Hepburn package: A studio headshot in front of a white or gray background. Clean, simple and classic. Want to get noticed? This is the one you want.

I'm happy to travel to you and set up a make-shift photography studio in your home, office or garage. We'll shoot for up to an hour and a half and can get up to 3 looks.

You'll receive 5 professionally processed images in two formats: Low-res digital files for use online and 5x7 printed proofs for review.



The Grace Kelly headshot is in a style that is more common in the Atlanta market. It's taken outdoors using available light and has a casual and natural feel that some prefer. These are best taken in Spring or Fall.

This is an outdoor session. We'll meet in a park, somewhere central to both of us. We'll shoot for up to an hour and get up to 3 looks.

You'll receive 5 professionally processed images in two formats: Low-res digital files for use online and 5x7 printed proofs for review.



The Rockefeller headshot is for corporate or business professionals and is a studio-style portrait with a white or black background. Group rates are available.

I'll travel to you and set up a make-shift photography studio in your home or office. We'll shoot for up to an hour and a half, and can also get a few environmental portraits.

You'll receive up to 10 professionally processed digital photos optimized for use online.


Frequently asked questions

What happens during our session?

I travel to your home, office, or wherever you'd like to meet. I'll set up a few lights and a backdrop, if needed, and we'll begin taking a few test shots. I'll coach you for 5 or 10 minutes, capturing a range of expressions and reactions from you, then we'll review the photos on an iPad. Reviewing the photos allows us to see what expressions and angles are working best for you. Then we'll take more photos, review them, take more photos, review... I'll make sure you're 100% happy with whay we have before I pack up and leave.

Where will my headshots be printed?

I use The Pixel Pusher in Atlanta exclusively for all my headshots. They're professional and specialize in headshots, my clients have been using them for a while and The Pixel Pusher always does a phenomenal job. Five 5x7 proof prints and shipping are included in my actor's headshot packages. You will have to purchase more copies from The Pixel Pusher, but since you will be referred by me you'll receive 10% off their regular rates.

Why is a good headshot important?

Headshots are your first impression with a casting director. If your headshot looks poorly made or is overly Photoshopped, then it will quickly end up in the wrong stack! Casting directors will look at hundreds of headshots per role they're casting for -- make yours stand out!

When should I get new headshots?

At least once per year, but more often if your appearance changes (even slightly). Changed your hair color? Grew your hair out? Been hitting the gym and have trimmed down? It's time to update your headshot.

What makes a good headshot?

I believe a great headshot should look natural while making you look your best. For actors, it's really all about showing the casting director that you know how to act. I'm experienced with working with actors and know how to get the best looks out them.

What's a 'look' and why so many?

A 'look' is a slight change in your appearance. Typically for headshots this is just a simple change of clothes or changing your hair style up a bit.

What should I wear?

Let's keep it simple and classy. Solid colors. Collared shirts. Layers look great. We don't want any clothing that is too distracting -- your face is the primary subject. But most importantly: Wear something you feel great in.

What happens after our session?

I'll sort through all the photos the same day as our session and weed out the test shoots and any others that didn't turn out well. I'll upload the unprocessed proofs to an online service called Dropbox and send you a link so you can choose your favorites. Once you've made your selections, I'll work my magic and have the images processed within 2 days. I'll send these selections to Pixel Pusher, and you'll have your proof prints shortly after.

Why can't I have the high-res files?

I will provide you with digital versions of your final, processed headshots, but they will be for online use only. I no longer give high-res prints to clients for quality control reasons. Each printer is different, and there's no way for me to know what your headshot will look like if I don't know what machine will print it. I process all my headshots and prepare the files specifically for Pixel Pusher's printers -- this guarantees that you're final print will look it's absolute best.

What types of locations do you use?

The Audrey Hepburn and Richard Branson headshot sessions are indoor shoots. I'm mobile -- I come to your home or office and set up a few lights. The Grace Kelly headshot session is held outdoors using natural light. I like to use parks or a low-traffic urban setting for this.

Can we shoot in a studio instead?

Yes, but I don't have a permanent studio space. I'm able to keep my rates a little lower since I don't have the overhead costs of studio rental and upkeep. I can rent studio space specifically for our session for an additional $100 per hour.

What about hair and makeup?

Once again, keep it simple. You want to look natural. Women: A little base will help to make your skin look its best for the camera. Men: You don't need makeup.

How will you coach me?

Any photo session should be fun. It's as much about the experience as it is the final product. Enjoy yourself, make goofy faces and laugh! Each person is different, so I'm not sure how I'll coach you before we meet. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and to make you look cool in front of the camera.