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I want to help you succeed as an actor in Atlanta. I want to empower you with the tools to market yourself effectively in the crowded Atlanta acting and entertainment industry. When you're up against dozens of other actors for the one role that was made for you, confidently hand the casting director a headshot that makes you look your best!


My headshot sessions start at $350 for up to three hours of photography. There's no limit to the number of photographs we get. We'll begin our session in a studio, getting shots in front of a simple background, then we'll head outside to get a few more casual-looking headshots and a portrait or two you can use in your portfolio. Once our favorites are selected I'll edit five to make each image perfect. Your edited photos will be delivered digitally, optimized for online use, and the print versions sent to my preferred printer, The Pixel Pusher.



Hair and makeup isn't included, but is highly recommended. I can book a hair and makeup artist for you for an additional $100. For new actors and models who need a comp card, I offer a 4-hour photoshoot that will include 4 or 5 looks and professionally formatted. This is everything you need for your first comp card. Contact me for details.



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fine art portfolio

Revealed Through Rorschach is a fine art collaboration between me, Joseph Richardson, and two other Atlanta-based artists, sculptor/writer David DeChant and makeup artist and body painter Misty Moon. The series was shot over the course of about a year and involved 18 models. A book is in the works with a fictional art story by David DeChant.

read an excerpt from revealed through Rorschach


I'm a photographer working in the entertainment industry in Atlanta, GA. I work with artists in the two fields I'm most passionate about: Music and movies. I'm inspired by some of the world's great fashion photographers, and approach my portrait sessions -- no matter the subject -- as a high-fashion photo shoot.


The two styles you might see most in my images are either luminous portraits with tons of beautiful natural light, or dark and gritty black and whites with great textures and leading lines. My headshots are always simple and bright, shot on location and in a studio, taking advantage of beautiful sunlight with just a splash of off-camera lighting to make the subject look their best.


I believe in collaborating with my clients and other artists as much as possible. A stunning final image is usually a result of several people working together. Have a crazy idea for a shoot? I'd love to hear it!


This webpage is dedicated to my actor's headshots, artistic portraits, and everything I do for fun or the art of it. To see my corporate headshot work, please check out the Atlanta Media Alliance page; and for just movie-related material, check out the Safeword Entertainment page.


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Joseph Richardson

Photographer, Atlanta

Phone: (678) 883-3540


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Phone: (678) 883-3540


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movies & tv projects

Inspiration, Urban Legends, and the Creative Process


It's funny where inspiration comes from sometimes. A song, a book, a photograph, a conversation with a friend. We live in a world that's rich with beauty and ugly and everything in between. A non-artist acquaintance once told me that anyone who needs inspiration lacks creativity. I think that's bullshit. To me inspiration is finding something that interests you and wanting to create and show others how you feel about that subject...

Movie Poster - The Car


Here’s a poster I made for a short film I was involved with. The Car stars Edward Solis and was written and directed by Rob Fox. I helped produce the movie and was Director of Photography. We filmed it over 3 days and wrapped on principal photography a few days ago.


Can’t wait to see what the editors and colorists do with it. For more info on my movie work, check out Safeword Entertainment.

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Acting & Modeling Comp Cards

I specialize in comp cards for Atlanta actors and models. Comp cards are a useful tool for showing the range of looks that you're capable of. Do you look innocent, but can pull off hooker with a heart of gold? Trpically cast as a rough biker, but also clean up well? Show casting directors what you can do!


Comp card sessions typically take the better part of a day to photograph. We'll get great indoor and outdoor headshots of you as well as create 4 or 5 different looks to show off your range. Comp card sessions start at $600 and includes hair and makeup and include somewhere around 10 edited images, as well as meticoulously designed comp card.

portraiture projects

 Art of the selfie - series  'CARTER'S LENS' -- MILE 29 FILMS 2016 Director BRUCE DOWNS Movie Poster Shot & Design Joseph Richardson  'NO MORE FORGIVENESS' -- MILE 29 FILMS 2015 Director BRUCE DOWNS Stills Phorography Joseph Richardson Movie Poster Shot & Design Joseph Richardson  'GODS AND GODDESSES' Producer & Photographer JOSEPH RICHARDSON Models Cheslea Rhae Howard, Dan Diaz, Sally Suggs Makeup & Hair Sally Suggs & Edi Tingle Costume & Prop Design Sally Suggs & ace talkingwolf  Movie posters - series  'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' Producer & Photographer JOSEPH RICHARDSON Models LAURA ROZAR, MICHELLE GREY, SALLY SUGGS, DAN DIAZ, SARAH HERMANN, AND SHAUNA MELTON Makeup boy does makeup & MISTY MOON Costume Styling SARAH HERMANN Hair Styling SHANA MELTON Set Design Richard hempton  'ACE THE ZOMBIE' IDOL HANDS ENTERTAINMENT 2012 Director GILES SHEPHERD Stills Photography Joseph Richardson Movie Poster Shot & Design Joseph Richardson  'horror hotel: coma girl' horror hotel 2015 Director ricky hess Stills Photography Joseph Richardson  black and white - series
 HOROR - series
 'REVEALED THROUGH RORSCHACH' Producers DeChant, moon, and richardson Photography Joseph Richardson Makeup & Bodypaint misty moon Painting, Set Design & Writing david dechant

Photographyphot Design © 2015 Joseph Richardson

Photography & design © 2016 Joseph Richardson


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Phone: (678) 883-3540







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Atlanta Media Alliance -- Where you can find my recent corporate photography work, including corporate headshots and business portraits.



Safeword Entertainment -- A production company founded by me and a few other local Atlanta artists. Where we post films and other entertainment-related projects we make together.


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